Wednesday, April 27, 2011


So recently I was able to get a gig working for an amazing studio called Zoic. I did some freelance work for them doing some backgrounds for an animated episode of Fringe called 'Lysergic Acid Diethylamide'. In the episode Peter and Walter go into Olivia's mind to rescue her from her own psyche. While they are in there, everything appears in a graphic novel type of state (which just kicks ass). It was a really fun episode that just came out a few weeks back. The talent that was working on the show was insane and it was amazing to be working with such great artists.

I was able to contribute two backgrounds and they both were in the show, which is a first for me seeing it on tv:) I posted the art below...

As far as process, I usually get a storyboard or idea from the art director. Then I start out with a black and white sketch to get the concept across and focus on value, then I go to color. This piece was a compilation of drawing and painting in photoshop as well as photography... so basically a matte painting.

For this shot I had to come up with an intersection in Jacksonville, Florida. So I started off with pulling some google map shots in Jacksonville to get the feel of the shops and such. Then I focused on doing straight on views of each street followed by illustrating the shot in perspective.

Here is a cool making of video for the episode, check it out...