Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Hey!  I just wanted to talk about some great figure drawing videos that are coming in the near future for anyone out there who is interested in learning how to draw the figure.

I'll definitely be watching these videos, the artist creating them is awesome and has a very clear and direct teaching style.  Check out his many free videos at proko.com.  If you are interested in an extended version of his upcoming figure drawing videos, go to proko.com/figure.  There is a fee, but I'm guessing it will be well worth the money based on the amount of material he will be covering.  Anyway, thanks for reading and I'll catch you later.

P.S.  Check out the preview video below...

Monday, June 03, 2013

The Boy and the Broken Machine

So I'm happy to be able to show an album cover that I was able to work on a few months ago for the talented musician Joe Brooks.  My brother Matt plays the drums in his band (another talented cat), and told me Joe was looking for an animated style for his new album cover.  After hearing what he had in mind I was eager to work on it, and am excited to show all of you how the final art came to be.  Down below I posted my journey in creating the final artwork.

Click on the images if you would like to see a larger version.  I also posted a few songs from the album below, give them a listen:) Oh... one more thing, you can buy the cd on Joe's website here.

Thanks for checkin' it out!