Sunday, April 22, 2012


Hey all, I've been working on a story for a long time and it's slowly but surely coming into form. As of now, I'm learning the process of writing and fleshing out the story. I wanted to share one of many rough sketches to come of the conceptual work I've been doing for it. To illustrate this particular scene... The story starts off long ago in China, where a Wind God is traveling far from his home along the East winds. Far away in the distance, the wind God hears a man playing the Ehru(Chinese Violin) on an old boat. Enchanted by such a foreign sound, he curiously ventures over and begins to listen to him play. Day after day, he returns to hear the master musician. One particular afternoon, he decides to bring his flute and begins to play in unison with him. The man stops in surprise as the Wind God appears to him, "May I join you friend?" he asks. Bewildered by his presence, the man nods delightedly. So the story begins...

Here is some music with the Ehru I found online by Deuter, it goes well with the scene

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Hey all, So, if you know me I'm sure you've heard me mention how much I dig the movie Tron. This movie gave me serious chills the first time I saw it, and still does. I've been working on a comic of my own about a character battling the ego within, and this movie has really given me a lot of great ideas on how to approach such a story. I'll post sketches soon, but for now here's one of my fav scenes of the movie...