Tuesday, January 31, 2006


The following pages and character designs are based on the novel ROGUE LAWMAN by the great writer Peter Brandvold, see the links section to visit his site. The pages below were penciled by Jeremy de la Garza and inked by comic book veteran Jon Holdredge.

Page One

Page Two

Page Three

Page Four
(Pencils were scanned in the making)

Page Five

This is the cover in progress, you can see the sketch to the left and I have started to build up the painting to the right in gouache.

Here is the finished cover.


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Simon Langer said...

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Osman Arslan said...


ShigueS said...

Wow! Such a hard work! Congratulations, I can wait to see a page colored and with lettering. Keep posting!

Jesse said...


THese are really nice.

I'm impressed.

Jeremy de la Garza said...

Thanks for the comments everyone, I appreciate it!

Felipe Echevarria said...

Jeremy, pages are looking good, the cover turned out great--hope you'll get a good response from editors and publishers...


Shara said...

Great Work!!!
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