Sunday, June 10, 2012

State Farm

This was a state farm commercial for the spanish channel I drew storyboards for last year. It was an experience... to start off, I got lost driving up to a director's house in the hills of Hollywood. When I arrived, I was intimidated because it was my first real onsite gig where I had to draw right then and there in front of the director. After I got over my nerves, I found my game and it went great. Anyway, the boards and the commercial are posted below, take a look!


ManorMandingo said...

How is no one commenting on this! This is awesome congratulations man it is amazing to see where your art has taken you since Castiglione Fiorentino! _This is Stephen BTW.

Jeremy de la Garza said...

Thanks man! That feels like such a long time ago, I miss that place so much! You as well dude, from freestyle rhymes on the trains of Castiglion to Flobots... pretty incredible!