Thursday, June 12, 2014


Here are some drawrings from my sketchbook that I thought I would post:)  I've been trying to play around and draw different stuff than I'm used to...


Matthew Grana said...

Awesome, man! It's a rare opportunity to get a glimpse into your sketches. A peep at your process. I dig it. It's cool that you're going out of your comfort zone.
Just don't do like I did and get so far out of your comfort zone that you forget what you used to draw like! I'm still working to undo the damage cartooning did to my style. I imagine your work has had an impact on yours.
When you have time, check out my comic. I'd love some feedback!

Jeremy de la Garza said...

Thanks Howlett! Means a lot coming from you brother:) Yeah, I definitely feel like work has had an influence on changing my style a bit. Some for the better and some for the worse. Overall, I'm realizing that a more animated cartoony style is what I want to gravitate towards from here on out. Doing super realistic stuff doesn't do it for me as much as it used to. I'll definitely go on over and check out your stuff and leave some feedback! Thanks for checking my stuff out man!